North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Planning: North Myrtle Beach Vacation

Terms and Conditions

***We request that renters be at least 25 years old or older.***
Below are some of our terms and conditions. Additional terms may be found on the required rental contract. 

Payment:FULL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE 30 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Winter Rentals must pay ahead one month and have a $300 deposit held until the last month. Winter rentals agree they are responsible for payment for the entire rental period whether they occupy the unit or not. We accept Cash, Travelers Checks, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. If you wish to pay by personal check, we will accept it up to 30 days before you are due to arrive. Personal checks will not be accepted any later than 30 days prior to your arrival. In the event the bank returns your check or your credit card is not accepted, your reservation will automatically be canceled unless certified funds are received within 3 days to replace the disputed payment. An administrative fee will be charged for all returned checks. All down payments and rental contracts must be received within 10 days of making a reservation.

Reservation Policy: Within ten working days of making your reservation we require a rental down payment of 35% of the rental total. If the down payment and this rental contract have not been received within 10 days, your reservation is canceled and you will be charged a $105.00 cancellation fee. Reservations made less than thirty days of the rental date require payment in full on a credit card at the time of booking. All reservations require a credit card to hold the booking. We reserve the right to relocate your reservation to a similar unit of size and price (note: discounted reservations cannot be relocated unless another property offers the same discounted rate) should your unit not be available due to owner conflict/request/sale/repair or circumstances beyond our control we will try to notify you of any changes by mail or phone (time permitting). If no arrangements deemed satisfactory by the rental company can be made, a full refund will be given. All reservations must be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival. If down payments have been made and no final payment or written cancelation received 30 days prior to arrival your credit card will be charged for full payment. Rentals made through owners, at discounted rate or specials, owners website rentals, VRBO or similar are for the specific property booked. There may be additional charges if renters choose to be moved for any reason. By choosing a last minute special the renter understands and agrees that the rate is unit specific and may not be moved.

Cancellation Policy:If any circumstances make it necessary for you to cancel a reservation, please give us advance notice so that we may re-rent the unit. If your reservation is canceled in writing at least 30 days prior to your reservation date, your down payment will be refunded less a $105.00 cancelation fee. Any reservation canceled less than 30 days of the reservation date will forfeit all payments. Travel insurance is available. Winter Monthly rentals require a 60-day written notice for cancellations. If Winter Rentals are canceled less than 60 days prior to arrival all monies will be forfeited.

Security Deposits:Guests are responsible for any damages that occur as a result of their occupancy, other than normal wear and tear, including household furnishings, moving of furniture or fixtures, garbage disposal, carpets, smoking, stopped up toilets, etc. A security deposit of $500 or valid credit card is required on all rentals. Cash will not be refunded at check out. North Shore Realty, Inc. reserves the right to charge the credit card for any damages not reported on check in. Note: Upon arrival inspect your unit carefully in case something has been overlooked and report it to the office. Any damage to your condo during your stay must be reported to the office immediately. All of our units are non-smoking. Clean-up charge for any unit determined by management “smoked in” will be no less than $300.00.

Severe Weather: In cases of hurricanes, the State of SC may issue a mandatory evacuation notice. Accommodation refunds will not be refunded by North Shore Realty, Inc. We will not refund any payments in the event of a hurricane. No refunds will be made due to weather conditions. Travel Insurance is available.

Maintenance: Every effort is made to keep each property and its equipment in good working order. All appliances, equipment, and systems in our units are maintained in good working order but are not guaranteed tobe free from breakdown. Any breakdown must be reported to the office immediately and we will repair as soon as possible. We reserve the right to repair or inspect any property as deemed necessary by North Shore Realty, Inc. (There will be no adjustments for breakdowns, including TVs,DVD’s, washers, elevators etc.) We reserve the right to move any renter to another property if necessary without adjustments to rental rates. North Shore Realty staff or service professionals will be allowed to enter the property whenever deemed necessary.

Telephone:All units do not have phone lines. If you need a landline phone, please verify prior to booking.

Taxes: If state, local or county sales or accommodations tax increase, any additional tax is the responsibility of the renter.

Pets: No pets are allowed in rental accommodations or on rental property. If pets are found on the premises, there will be an automatic charge of no less than $150.00 per day the pet was on the property or in the rental unit and rental will be terminated immediately without refund (the unit will have to be vacated immediately). Any additional charges will be determined by the rental company.

Rental Down-payments and deposits:North Shore Realty, Inc. shall maintain all rental funds received from renters in an interest-bearing trust account. Such interest shall accrue to the benefit of North Shore Realty, Inc. in exchange for North Shore Realty, Inc. administration and management of the trust account.

Construction: Unfortunately, we cannot predict the location of all construction activities along the beach. We cannot make refunds or adjustments because of construction/repair activity.

Family Groups:A family is defined as parents, their children, and relatives. Our accommodations are designed for family use. All children must be supervised. If any occupancy is more than the stated capacity or if the tenants are unruly or if other objectionable activity is carried on; all tenants will be asked to leave without a refund. (This policy is enforced without exception.) Anyone renting as a family other than stated will not be admitted to the rental unit and will forfeit their rental deposit. We request that renters be at least 25 years old or older.

Condominium Capacity:Most one-bedroom units sleep 2-4, most two bedroom units sleep 4- 6, three bedroom units usually sleep 6- 8, and four bedroom units sleep 8-10. Please verify capacity prior to making a reservation.

Lost Key Policy:A maximum of two keys are available for each unit upon check-in. Failure to return keys will result in a charge of $20.00/key. There is a $35.50 fee for any lost FOB keys. In the event a tenant is locked out of a unit during regular office hours, a key may be borrowed from the office. If a lockout occurs after hours, call Grand Strand Lock 457-1212. You will be responsible for payment when service is rendered.

Personal Property:North Shore Realty, Inc. and/or the owner of the property are not liable for any damages or injury incurred by a vacation guest during his/her stay, including acts of theft or vandalism to guest’s personal property or vehicle. Many of our condominium owners maintain a locked closet or storage area. Please respect these locked areas. They are not included in your rental. The North Beach Police will handle any locked areas that are broken into or used by a tenant.
  • If you are in a group with multiple units, please do not take any items from one condo to another (i.e. glassware, plates, etc.). You will be responsible for any misplaced items. Blinds should be in the open position before attempting to draw them. If balcony doors are left open, please make sure blinds are drawn past open areas since wind will cause damage to the blinds.
  • Do not take blankets, towels or bed covers to the beach.
  • Do not set the air conditioning temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in your unit or the air conditioning system will freeze and have to be repaired. You may be responsible for repair.
Each of our properties is a privately owned vacation home and reflects the taste of the property owner. All vacation units are set up for light housekeeping with cooking and eating utensils, pillows, blankets, and bedspreads are provided. We are unable to make any changes to furnishings or appliances (including TV’s etc). On departure, all kitchen cookware, tableware, and silverware must be left cleaned and ready for the next rental. We cannot refund for problems with any kitchenware not properly cleaned by previous renters. Some owners supply extra towels, beach chairs and beach towels for your convenience. On departure, these must be left clean.

Hold Harmless: Renters and their guest agree to hold North Shore Realty, Inc, their employees, rental homeowners and HOA's harmless from claims of sickness, disease, accidents and other like situations not limited to COVID-19,pandemic situations, accidental fall and similar unknowns.

Personal Toiletries: We will supply one roll of toilet paper per bathroom, bath soap, and trash liners for each trash can; however, we do not replace these items during your stay. Cleaning products, etc. are not provided in our properties. We also suggest you bring additional items from home such as toilet paper.

Refrigerators:Many refrigerators are left open during cleaning. It can take as long as twelve (12) hours before the refrigerator returns to a medium temperature. If you fill it with warm groceries and continually open the refrigerator door, it will take much longer than 12 hours. Please check your refrigerator upon arrival - it should be set at a medium temperature. If the refrigerator is turned to a high setting, the humidity will cause the coils to freeze up, which prevents cool air from reaching the refrigerator compartment while the freezer remains cold. If this should happen, please set the unit to a medium setting and allow time to defrost and stabilize.

Late Arrivals:Please notify the office if you plan to check in after 4:30 p.m. or on Sunday. You must call to the office and officially check in by noon of the next working day. When arranging a late or Sunday check-in, please let the office know if you will need sheets for the sleeper sofa as they are not automatically placed in the units. We must have a copy of the driver's license of the primary renter and the signed rental agreement prior to allowing any late check ins.

Check-in time is 4:00 PM at our office. We strive to have units ready by 4:00 however at this time we cannot guarantee a 4:00 checkin time. Please bare with us, the beach is short on staff everywhere.  We apologize however we can allow only one member of your party into the office at check in. We cannot guarantee any early check-ins. If you agree to check in early you understand the rental cleanliness has not been through a final inspection and cannot be guaranteed. Checkout time is at 10:00 AM or earlier. Please inform the office if you plan to check out earlier than 10:00 a.m. Sorry, we do not offer a late checkout. Renters not vacating the rental unit by checkout time will be charged $70.00 per hour after 10.00am. We do not prorate the minutes. Please notify the office if there is a problem with your check out so that we may help you avoid extra charges. There are no exceptions unless in writing by the office. Keys must be returned to the office at 1711 Madison Dr. no later than 10:00. Do not bring keys to the office and return to the unit. Once keys have been received the renter is no longer allowed in the unit.

Departure Cleaning:We provide departure cleaning for your convenience. Departure cleaning is a surface clean. You are responsible for cleaning the kitchenware and removal of all garbage. All kitchenware must be put away clean. There will be a charge of no less than $100 for garbage removal or dishwashing.

Pool Arm Band and FOB Key Deposits:If you book South Shore Villas or North Shore Villas there is a refundable $5.00/person pool armband fee. The fee is refundable once all bands have been returned to the rental office upon check out. These fee will be collected upon check in.
If you booked Seawinds or The Pinnacle there is a $35.50 refundable deposit due at check in for the FOB keys. Once the keys and FOBs have been returned the fee will be refunded.

Winter/Monthly Rental:Monthly:Winter Rentals are responsible for any power charges over $100.00. A bill will be supplied by the rental owner. North Shore Realty will charge the credit card on file for any charges over $100.00. Monthly and Winter Rentals are responsible for light bulbs, batteries etc. and daily housekeeping in the units. Moving furniture, hanging pictures, changing wall decorations etc. are not allowed. The condo must be left the same as it was at check-in. If additional cable boxes etc. are purchased for the condo they must be in the name of the renter and paid for by the renter, returned by the renter and North Shore Realty must approve any additional devices. Linen and towels are not included with winter rentals. They are available for an additional fee.

Please Note: Although every precaution during printing is taken, North Shore Realty, Inc. is not responsible for errors in descriptions, brochures or confirmations. Rates and descriptions are subject to correction and change without notice.